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Lucy Sweeney, Waterford Plant’s Managing Director, works with you to find a bespoke solution for whatever issue you have.

Waterford Plants are known for sourcing striking and unusual plants. Staff engage with their constantly changing vibrant displays.


Easy to get along with, Waterford Plants and the team work hard to make sure that plant maintenance doesn’t disrupt the working day.

The team deliver extraordinary customer service. Nothing is too much trouble and no issue too complex.


Plants are hand selected and of the best quality. If damaged they are promptly replaced without question with extremely high quality alternatives.

Products available

Live wall art & dividers

There are many varied types of plants to use when choosing a display

Live Wall Art bridges the gap between plant and art to offer a constant talking point as the arrangement changes over time. Unusual and beautiful, Live Wall Art brings new life and interest to any bare wall. Hangs on the wall as easily as a painting, no electricity and no water connection is needed.

Instead, the living picture has a smart, integrated watering system. Live Wall Art is easy to install and easy to maintain. Just add water once every six weeks. The internal irrigation system contains sufficient water for approx. 6 weeks depending on pruning, the temperature and types of plant used. 

These Live Dividers reduce toxicity in the workplace

LiveDivider is a room divider which is planted on both sides. Room dividers offer privacy and a feeling of wellbeing within any indoor environment. LiveDivider contributes to visual privacy and will help reduce ambient noise.

LiveDivider consists of a metal frame that stands on a fixed or mobile base (optional). On each side of the LiveDivider frame there are 6 plant cassette inserts. Because of the exchangeable plant cassettes you are able to change the plant varieties to reflect the season or to theme with special events or designs.


 Offering an unique system

This unique system provides your living or working environment with an instant green and beautiful atmosphere. This sustainable system is not only a benefit for the indoor environment and privacy but also contributes to a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

For more information on the layout and structure of Wall and Dividers please click on the links to pdf’s below:


The original pots and troughs

Here’s our range of packages

Apprentice package

1 x table display

6 x 56cm pots and plants

4 x 75cm pots and plants


Pots and plants

£41.80 per week


£167.20 per month

Junior package

1 x table display

10 x 56cm pots and plants

8 x 75cm pots and plants


Pots and plants

£75.00 per week


£300.00 per month

Manager package

1 x orchid display

1 x wall art (112 x 72cm)

5 x 56cm pots

Plants 15 x 75cm

Pots and plants

£104.25 per week


£417.00 per month

Executive package

1 x orchid display

1 x wall art (112 x 72cm)

1 x Wall divider (112 x 180cm)

Plants 20 x 75cm

Pots and plants

£152.75 per week


£611.00 per month

All quoted prices are using our Delta range pot

(available in white, dark grey and red)

All prices are excluding VAT

Please note prices are based on a 2 year contract

Price includes fortnightly site visit to water and maintain the plants

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